Appreciate even the small projects


Are you a freelancer with big dreams but working on small projects? Have you been doing so for some time? Do you feel like you may never get bigger projects? Do not worry, we have been there too. And today we will share our tips on how to get back on track.
We want to talk to you, the person reading this article about the importance of small projects and why you need to appreciate them. Whether you are a freelancer or a student looking for a part-time gig, you need to know the drill. Working on small projects is a good start for your career as you will get references and the required experience that some time down the road will help you land a new or bigger project.
It has proved most beneficial for us. For example, Mayoga is a client that hired us for a very small project. But that experience resulted in two more projects with similar companies in the fitness industry. If we had said no to Mayoga, we may not have gotten the two other larger projects.
Another client dealing with high end audio equipment hired us to fix a few minor issues with his WordPress site. We took care of that and that gave him suggestions about improving his website. He liked our ideas and gave us a project that lasted 3 months.
Experience is not the only benefit of working on small projects. You also get financial compensation for your work. Plus, there is always variety. You will never feel stuck doing the same thing over and over. Smaller jobs often let you express your creativity freely. If you are passionate about photography and art, you may write blog posts around the most amazing photos and get paid to do so. Talk about turning your passion into a source of income!
We know that small projects may not seem like a lot of work, especially if you are a very ambitious person, but welcome them and over time you will have a full portfolio. Your portfolio is the bigger picture and so are the connections you make. These small gigs are going to take you there. Embrace them, do your best and use them as the stepping stool for a grand career.
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Good luck!


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