Transcription Services

transcription2Do you have audio or video recordings that you need to repurpose as text documents, product content or blog posts? Maybe you have recordings of meetings that you need to send to participants along with the minutes. Webinars that you need to transcribe into text for people to download. While podcasts and videos are the rage, good old text still has staying power and there is good demand for transcription services from small companies to big, from attorneys to physicians, from college professors to religious personalities and their sermons.

Need content developed for your website but don’t have time? Start recording. Buy a simple audio recorder and start recording while commuting, taking a walk, waiting for someone etc. Send the recording to a transcription service and in a day or two you will you have your text document.

A good transcription service can also post the content straight to your website or create blog posts for you, add images, do tags and keywords and even submit your content to social media sites.

Where can you find good transcriptionists?

There are many specialized agencies providing transcription services like . You can search for them or ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations. The good thing about working with a company is that if one transcriptionist is sick or on vacation, they can assign an alternate. Also, if you have a lot of work, they can assign you multiple resources. In addition, most companies have checks and balances to ensure quality. Even though they may cost a tad more, transcription services do solid business.
What about freelance transcriptionists?
Many people like to work with individual freelance transcriptionists instead of transcription agencies. The advantage is that you work with the same person every time and over time both parties develop a good understanding of what the other guy means even when he misses a word or two. Transcription agencies on the other hand may assign a different transcriptionists every time. On the flip side, you may go through several individuals till you find one who is the perfect fit for you.
How do you find individual freelance transcriptionists?
You post your job on one of the popular freelance portals. Many transcriptionists will bid on your project. You can review their past work, interview them and then hire a few for a sample project. Then keep the one that is a better fit for you. You can even make payment to the freelancer through the portals. For a list of freelance portals where you can find freelance transcriptionists, visit

Good Luck!


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