How to find a freelancer


You have finally come to terms with the fact that you need a freelancer. All right. But how do you find one. Should you ask your family and friends, neighbors maybe, advertise on CraigsList, search on Google?
There are two common options: turn to your contacts for recommendations. They may have worked with someone and have a positive experience in the past. In this case, the solution comes easily. Or, you could always turn to one of the many portals where you can find individual freelancers and outsourcing companies, big and small.
The most popular freelancing sites include Freelancer, Truelancer, Upwork and People per Hour. These work on a project basis. You post a task/project you want finished and your budget and interested freelancers bid to do the job for you. Then it is a matter of looking through their profile, the portfolio of work they have already done, reviews they have received from former employers and find the individual that meets all your criteria and can finish the job within budget. Or, browse through the portal of your choosing and find a freelancer with the necessary skills and hire him/her without posting a project. In the first case, you choose whether you will pay them for the work done on an hourly or upon-delivery basis. In the second case, the chosen freelancer may already have a fixed rate and time when they will be able to deliver. Keep in mind the freelancers are usually flexible and you may be able to negotiate the details. Communication is the key factor. Discuss the details of the project and when you expect to see the results to avoid misunderstandings.
The first time you are hiring a freelancer for a particular job, it may take a while to find the right person. But if you need a similar task done a few months down the line, you already have the contact and know the person and how they work.
To understand the subject better, refer to the site You will find a lot of information related to freelancing and outsourciong on this site.
Good luck!


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