WordPress to Social Media Plugins Review

social-media-plugins2Having an active social media presence has become a must for businesses big and small. And with so many social media networks out there, it can be quite challenging to integrate them all on your website. Facebook, Twitter and Instragram may be the biggest and most popular, but they are not the only ones. So, how do you enable your reader/clients to share your content on their preferred platform?
The answer is easy. Just find a good social sharing plugin to set up on your website. Then it is only a matter of letting the plugin do the work for you.
Here’s a list of plugins that social sharing really easy:
Monarch Social Sharing
Arguably one of the most popular social media plugins. It is not free, but it is definitely worth every penny. It can be configured to easily track user activity and how many shares you are getting per week, per month etc. It provides both share and follow icons and allows you to place social icons on images. It is perfect for blogs or content heavy pages.
Easy Social Share buttons
A single plugin that opens up the world of social media, from increasing the number of shares to growing your following and driving more traffic. It allows you to share on more than 40 social networks (that’s right, sharing on 40 networks from one plugin!). The buttons come with handy features that make it a powerful and beautiful tool for your website. It provides analytics of sharing and social metrics.
Unlike the previous plugin, Jetpack is actually free. And it is a pretty great and diverse plugin that does not only provide you with stats and analytics but also lets you manage your social sharing. Once activated, it will place social media icons at the bottom of every post. Your readers will be able to share the content to their networks after scrolling down to the end of the post.

AccessPress Social Icons
Lets you add social media icons to your pages by either choosing from the pre-designed sets or uploading your own. Once you define/customize the icon set, you get a short code that you can place anywhere you like. The best thing about this plugin is that it allows customization.
There are many more social media plugins to choose from. These are only some of our favorites. For the complete report, visit http://bit.ly/wordpress-social-plugins We hope this article helps you in your search for the best social sharing plugin for your website.
Good luck!


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