Dedicated Server: Reviews and Comparison

Dedicated Servers Review and Comparison

Determining a dedicated server for your website can be quite laborious and an exhaustive activity. The dedicated servers that are featured on the list range from RAM, to Hard Disk space and Bandwidth. You can discover the most fitting one suited for your needs and which, meets your budget, thereby reserving both time and money.

A dedicated Server contains an OS (Operating System), that is mostly some variation of Linux or Windows, associated software such as a SQL Server, a Control Panel and other Server Management & Security software. You are equipped with a broadband connection to the internet with multiple power and network redundancies, all contained in the hosting service provider’s data center. Dedicated hosting indicates that you are allotted a Server Class computer that operates as a dedicated host only for your website or websites and is not shared with anyone else. Its just like possessing your own home instead of residing in a rented flat where the whole building is being shared by its tenants

You might get a better Idea with the below video.

You can employ a Dedicated server from a Website Hosting Provider like Hosting Source Inc., SingleHop Hosting, iWeb, HiVelocity and several others, if you desire a exclusive server that hosts only your website or websites.

Since they are completely exclusive and not shared with anyone else, there lies two options:

    • You can either manage your own software if you have the personnel and knowledge for Server Management.


  • You can get managed hosting from your service provider.


The cost applies accordingly. Customarily, a dedicated server provides a definite amount of memory, hard disk space and bandwidth. BloggerKhan has compiled a tabular format list whose sole initiative is to assist you to find the best dedicated server. It includes data on all major providers in the USA (HostGator, 1and1, SuperB, NetRack among others), including their location and different RAM, disk, bandwidth and processor options.

You can find the comparative chart at:

If none of these plans work for you, remember that you can request a Custom Plan, that is tailored for your website or business requirements. You may also contact these companies through their round-the-clock customer service.

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