The impact of voice search on your SEO strategy


With the continuously growing number of smart phones, search engines have adapted by giving a lot of importance to mobile searches. However, voice search must not be forgotten. A recent study from Northstar Research, 55 percent of teenagers are using voice search every day, and 56 percent of adults use it because it helps them feel more “tech-savvy.”
Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Home have become virtual assistants for anything from the location of the nearest coffee shop, to the weather on the other side of the world and other questions speakers need quick answers to.
Speaking is an easy and efficient way to get answers quickly whereas typing takes more time and the answers are sometimes not specific enough. The difference between a web and voice search is the language. We browse the web using short keywords, but we ask our virtual assistant questions in a conversational way.  For example, we type “coffee shops in NYC” and ask “where is the nearest coffee shop in NYC?”.
So, how can your website deliver the same information in a voice search?
Voice search answers the “who, what, where, why and how” questions. Sites that provide this information will outrank their competition. We recommend that you start using long-tail keywords and write in a natural voice and use the language from existing voice search queries.
Think of voice search not as a challenge but as a new opportunity. Spread the word about your business to the growing number of teenagers and adults using Siri and similar. This does not mean that you should stop paying attention to regular searches and web results. If your goal is to rank at the top of both web and voice searches, write your content in a natural voice. The future of SEO is to write content in a conversational way.
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