How to write great product descriptions


Product descriptions are extremely important for e-commerce businesses as they can either make or break a sale. Even the most skeptical customer may be convinced to make a purchase if the right words are used in your product description. However, writing a great product description is not as easy as it may sound. There are many things that you have to keep in mind, starting from your keywords, to the tone of voice and style of your description. Let us help you get started.

Define your buyers

First and foremost, you need to define who your buyers are. Knowing your target audience will help you know exactly what their desires and needs are and you can plan your marketing strategy accordingly. Not only that, but having as much information as possible about your potential buyers will help you write a vivid and persuasive product description that will convince them to buy your product.

Features vs. Benefits

You need not only describe the product but also convince your customers to buy and try it. Potential buyers want to know what the product will do for them, how will it make their life easier? So, list all your features and then translate them into benefits. Where a feature is a fact about your product, the benefit will tell your reader what said feature does for them.

Get the buyer’s attention

The next thing on your list should be to write a description that is easy to skim while getting the buyer’s attention at the same time. Include a subheading that will feature a major benefit from the product and then provide details in the body. Use a variety of fonts sizes and colors and add bullet points to emphasize different points. Adding multiple photos or even animations will also take you a long way towards making that sale.

Write a first draft, then edit

Once you have all the previously mentioned data, write a draft. Then go back and edit your draft to make it persuasive and easy to read. Some general tips include the usage of simple words, avoiding jargon unless your buyers use it too, and using active voice. Make sure that the description answers the following questions:

  • Who the product is for
  • What is the product used for
  • How does the product work
  • What sets it apart
  • Why should your users purchase the product

We would like to emphasize the following: make sure the spelling and grammar of your product description are correct. Do not put of your buyers by spelling things incorrectly. Check and double check. It will speak volumes about your professionalism.

Finally, optimize your content. You are probably aware of the importance of Search Engine Optimization. Product descriptions need to be optimized as well as every other part of your website. We have already discussed SEO in previous articles, so here we are only going to point out the basics. Place your keywords strategically throughout your description and optimize your product images. Refer to our SEO articles for more information.

In conclusion, we advise you to take your time writing a great product description as these are essential for the success of your ecommerce business. Spend your time crafting them, follow our tips and success is guaranteed. For more tips and advice check out a similar article here

Good luck!


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