Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour or Guru

Are you looking for a freelancer or team of freelancers that you can outsource some of your work to? Then, you have probably heard of the biggest freelancing portals such as Upwork, Freelancer, People per hour, Guru and then some. But which one do you actually use if you want the job done well and quickly? Let us help you by giving you a short overview of them.

  • Freelancer – Currently the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace by number of users and projects. Based in Australia, this site now connects employers and freelancers in over 200 countries. Its community has grown especially after the acquisition of several smaller competitors. Though it lacks the Work Room feature favored by large companies, it is good place to outsource your work due to the huge number of freelancers on the site.From administrative tasks to design, programming, online marketing, writing, virtual assistance and much more, you will almost certainly find a competent person to outsource your work to. Although, there is still now have a chance to create own future professional plan by democratic path. Then, you should learn from freelancer that what kind of services you can assure to your respective clients.
  • Upwork – Created with the merger of former Elance and oDesk in 2015, Upwork is now the portal that connects companies with freelance professionals from San Francisco to Sao Paolo. Keeping the technology and features of both platforms and creating one great workplace, Upwork aims to become the world’s best freelancing website.However, Upwork seems to be losing both clients and freelancers. Reasons for this on review sites vary from very high project fees, fake projects, terrible customer service, and a website that keeps failing again and again. We recommend threading Upwork waters very carefully.  I am not telling you that you don’t have any opportunity at Upwork. It’s a bad things happing now on this market place. Hopefully, the administrators’ will take some real actions about this matter.
  • Peopleperhour – Smaller compared to the previous platforms and mostly used in Europe. It has simple and user friendly interface and connects over 1 million talented experts with savvy businesses searching for the right skills to get a job done quickly and without hassle. You just have to be confident with your profession skills to explain the respective clients requirements on your applications. At PeoplePerHour, there are vast opportunity to be a designer, computer programmer, writer, digital marketer etc, which is the best marketplace to start you and yours small business.
  • Guru – The smallest of the 4 platforms we have mentioned. It allows freelancers to; post their portfolios containing their previous work so that clients may make an informed decision and be confident in whom they are outsourcing their work to. Includes the Work Room feature that allows companies to work with a team of competent freelancers without ever leaving the portal. Moreover Guru considers your work-stream to a broad level online market place.

We hope this article was helpful on your quest of finding the best platform where you can outsource. We recommend that you take some time and consider your options. But, you need to be good learner to be a earner, which will forward you and yourself on a surprising platform that you dreamed at once. If you still have an question about this article then we have option which is:-For more information and pros and cons on different freelancing platforms, visit http://interloperinc.com/upwork-or-freelancer-or-people-per-hour-or-guru/

Good luck!


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