Review and Comparison of auto responders


If you have a website or blog, you first need to develop good content. Then you need to promote your content so people can find and visit your site. Once they do, you hope to establish an ongoing relationship with them. You invite them to sign up for your newsletter. In return for their email, they will get good content on a regular basis. You hope over time this will build trust and confidence and when this person, your subscriber, needs your type of service, he will call you.

To capture these leads, manage them, and stay in touch with them regularly, we use software tools called auto responders.

Some of the popular auto responders are:


They all have their own individual strengths but the prime reason people use them are two:

Functions and features that allow you to manage your list, segment them, and trigger responses based on their selections.

Deliverability. Since these three have strict guidelines that force you to comply with anti spam rules, most email services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail etc. allow emails sent through these services to be classified as normal mail and don’t put them in the spam folder.

If you would like to know more about the subject, you may visit

No matter which service you decide to use, get started and start building a list. Then through regular mailings, develop a relationship with that list. Its good for your business.



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