Best gift to send my daughter in college


Is your daughter in college? Are you missing her? Looking for ideas on what gift to send her? Something that will express your love for her but also be practical.
How about sending her a care package of dry frutis and nuts. Healthy, nutritious and something that can be easily shared and build friendshps and start conversations. has many such gift boxes in different sizes and different price points and they can ship it straight to your daughter. Check them out.
Not that many people think of dry fruits and nuts as a possible gift idea but it is actually a very useful gift for any college student. Surely you want to send your daughter a snack that is both healthy and nutritious but the fact that it is easily shared with fellow students is just as big a benefit. Conversations can easily begin with “Have some nuts. My father sent them. They’re excellent”. It’s a conversation starter and can help even the shyest of girls build friendships.
Nuts are also rich in nutrients and fibers that are said to help with concentration and overall health. May make studying for exams a bit easier for your daughter. May also help her avoid junk food. So this time send your daughter a gift box from and see if you both like the idea. I bet you would.


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